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MF Kulturreiser
Adresse:Kyrkjegata 48
6150 Ørsta
E-post: kurs@more.fhs.no


MF Kulturreiser are organizing trips to different countries all around the world. We mainly arrange culture trips for adult people. We are a quite small company and for us it is more important to make good trips rather than many. We only arrange about 10 - 12 trips a year.

We are members of the RGF company in Norway witch makes it possible to arrange package trips all over the world. We are mainly arranging trips in cooperation with a local company in the country. This gives more profit directly to the company and country, and at the same time, lower prices for our clients.

MF Kulturreiser is a part of More Folkehogskule (
www.more.fhs.no) in Orsta, Norway. More Folkehogskule's ideology is to comunicate knowledge to people in all ages. The young students (18 - 21 years old) who stay at our school for one year are our main group, but we also have shorter courses for adult people. Our trips are a part of these courses. We normally have lessons before we travel and after returning home from our trips.

Please take a look at the photos from some of our trips to China, Vietnam, Mexico, Egypt and Hungary

We welcome you to join our trips, to meet us in Norway or abroad or to contact us for any questions or suggestions.

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